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  • Why should I stage, is it worth it?"
    It is important that our clients receive a maximize return on their largest investment. Therefore, staging Is the perfect solution to attract potential home buyers whether it’s for a vacant or preoccupied property. We promise to transform your home while accentuating the best features and minimizing the imperfections.
  • How can home staging help?
    Home staging helps a home to sell faster and for more money. With today’s market a staged home is on the market lesser time, as 90% of staged homes usually sell within the first 30 days. A staged home also can raise the value of your home by up to 17%.
  • How do I know if I need staging?
    Most homes benefit from staging. Scheduling a consultation is the first step in assessing what your staging needs are for your home.
  • Can I use my own furniture?
    It all depends! When you schedule a consultation, we can assess your current items and see if they are in line with the target market and trends that people are interested in. If needed we can provide one of our services to help complete the home and make every room unique.
  • What if I only need a few items for staging?
    That is totally fine! We offer a variety of services, such as our Show Casing, which focuses more on décor and artwork to help complete the look of a room.
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